Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Welcome to the POIESIS: A Journal of the Arts & Communication 2011's audio and video contributors gallery, featuring works reflecting this year's theme: Voice, Song and the Poetics of Resistance and Transformation. Beside each artist's name below is the corresponding page number in the journal where you will find documentation of their work.

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---- POIESIS 2011 Gallery ----

Jenn E. Norton - Very Good Advice, 6:29. (Page 9)

Very Good Advice

Yi Xin Tong - Lacquer, 11:37. (Page 37)


Nickolas Hooper - Even As We Speak, 2:00. (Page 38)

Even As We Speak

Erin Gee - Formants, 1:10. (Page 103)


Faye Mullen - to never forever, 49:18. (Page 110)

To Never Forever

Christina Foisy - Gloomy Sunday on a Tuesday, 11:05. (Page 112)

Gloomy Sunday on a Tuesday

Jennifer Chan - The Head of Orpheus and the Resistive Voice as Mediated Through Cyberspace, 7:58. (Page 139)


Audio Lodge (Kevin Curtis-Norcross, Troy David Ouellette, and Paul Walde) - Downtown, 3:10. (Page 147)