Sunday, May 19, 2019



The image has always been suspect to thought. Either it is seen as a false representation which seduces us from truth (Plato) or, at best, a superceded stage on the way to the Absolute Idea (Hegel). For the artist, however, the image is home, the land of possibility where new perspectives can be found. Where are we with the image today?

In Baudrillard’s view, the dominance of media and the emergence of hyperreality means that the classical opposition between image and real can no longer be maintained. Not only does the real vanish in a profusion of simulacra, but the “original power of the image,” its capacity to become an event of transcendence, is also obviated.

Can we find that original power again? The coming issue of POIESIS invites readers to submit papers that explore the image today - and perhaps imagine it tomorrow. Where are we with the image, and how can we find its original power again? We hope that readers will be inspired to think about this question and its implications for philosophy, art, therapy and social change.

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