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Poiesis VI

POIESIS IV, closely following the events of September 11th, explores and addresses the events through articles, artwork and poetry. A special section on Spiral Garden, an integrated outdoor art/garden/play program in Toronto, Canada, is also included, as well as several book reviews from scholars in the field.

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ISBN 14924986

From the Editor’s Introduction by Stephen K. Levine:

“What time is it? Periodically we ask this question, hoping, perhaps, for more than a numerical answer. Is it the time of globalization, of the destruction of difference? Is it a new era, in which September 11th marks the end of an age of innocence and the recognition of the ubiquity of evil (elsewhere)? Is it the time of the abolition of time, in which speed has conquered time through the instantaneity of communicative flows?

What time is it? Is it, perhaps, the time of the present? Is it now? “Presence,” post-modernism tells us, is a dangerous gift: there is a “metaphysics of presence” underlying our tradition that is itself grounded in a hatred of time, an attempt to stop time in an eternal “now” (the nunc stans of the tradition, the “age of the world-picture” of modernity). We have learned to be wary of the present, and our present time gives us good grounds for distrust…

What time is it? If it is always now, can poiesis express that now? Is our time the time of art? Only if we remember the essential inexpressibility of time, of existence. Poiesis will not save us from time, from history. Perhaps its special gift is precisely to expose us to time, to bring us into the world, this world of horror, of abyssal existence, and this world of beauty, the coming of joy.”

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