Thursday, March 21, 2019


POIESIS I, 1999, has SOLD OUT.

From the Editor’s Introduction to POIESIS I, by Stephen K. Levine

“Fragmented, dispersed, multiple, the post-modern world confronts the traditional artistic drive for unit of form with insuperable challenges. These challenges, though, are also opportunities for new forms to be born, new kinds of art that will reveal the truth of our world. Similarly, in our thinking about the arts, we must ask how we can think in way that are adequate to these new forms. Can traditional theory capture the essence of contemporary art-making or is it necessary to develop new modes of thinking that contain poiesis within them as a living possibility?

POIESIS, our new journal, is dedicated to the exploration of these question. Our faith is that, in a world in which truth has become questionable, we can still stand on the ground of art as a way of knowing, even if this ground itself has to be made, not found. We invite our readers to join us in this act of making and to share with us in the joy in what we have made.”

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ISBN 14924986

This issue is sold out

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