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In Praise of Poiesis: The Arts and Human Existence - A Festschrift for Stephen K. Levine


This volume is offered as a gift to the life and work of Stephen K. Levine and to the thinkers and the practitioners in the field. In the spirit of Levine’s thinking, it offers a lively array of ideas about the current state of work in the expressive arts: therapy, coaching, education, consulting, and social change.

This collection of writings, poems and visual images honours the thinking and the work of Stephen K. Levine, philosopher of the field of expressive arts therapy. Levine’s work in this field over the past 25 years has focused on the central role of art and art-making in human experience, calling attention to the uniquely human act of shaping and its embodiment in artistic activity. Levine places the concept of poiesis at the center of his thinking and, by doing so, provides an important guidepost for practitioners of therapy, education and social change work through the arts. His ideas have influenced a whole generation of teachers and practitioners of expressive arts therapy and this volume is a testament to that influence.

Levine has issued a series of challenges to the authors contained in this volume. Each writer, student or colleague, has responded from his or her own standpoint. In the longer articles, the writers were asked to address ideas at the forefront of their thinking in these times. For the medium-length pieces, they were summoned to respond to a concern: can the expressive arts move from its original focus on psychological disorder and its treatment to a broader social and political perspective? Finally, in the short responses, the writers were asked to consider what new directions are needed for the field of expressive arts.

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Song the Only Victory

Poetry Against War


In Song the Only Victory: Poetry Against War, Stephen K. Levine gives poetic and prophetic voice to the power of language in the face of violence and death. These poems speak of war and witness; they urge us to listen and speak out ourselves. This is a book for all those who wish to go beyond mute outrage and to find their own out-spoken voices. To all those who despair of the impossibility of change, Levine counsels, “Sing on!”

Reviews of Song the Only Victory:

“Stephen K. Levine’s poems are poignant, aching, raging missives to a world in a time of violence. Confrontations with terror and beauty, these poems are counter-pointed by the haunting images of Ellen Levine’s beautiful multimedia artwork. Ultimately, within a historical context of senseless global warfare, Stephen K. Levine envisions the poem as human song, music that provides healing and victory. He is a witness of humane conscience, an authentic, passionate poetic voice.” -Rishma Dunlop

“Stephen K. Levine is that rare poet who engages the intellect and the spirit with equal skill. The poems in Song The Only Victory are masterful reminders of war’s inhumanity; they force the reader to peer through the smoke and rubble and ask, as do the black-clad women in his brilliant poem “Shalom/Salaam,” those fundamental questions: “How will you live your life? How will you find your way in the world?” -Charles Coe

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Knill, Barba, Fuchs

Minstrels of Soul

Intermodal Expressive Therapy

Paolo Knill, known as a founder of expressive arts therapy, has collaborated with his colleagues to produce an essential introduction to the philosophy and practice of this emerging field. Second Edition includes new Foreword by Paolo J. Knill.

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Ellen Levine

Tending the Fire

Studies in Art, Therapy and Creativity

Tending the Fire

This book explores the notion of creativity as an internal fire or sense of aliveness and vitality in the self. Ellen Levine brings together a theoretical understanding drawn from psychoanalytic literature, with clinical material from practice as a child psychotherapist and expressive artist. Now in its second edition with a new Introduction.

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ISBN 968533027

Edited by Stephen K. Levine

Crossing Boundaries

Explorations in Therapy and the Arts—A Festschrift for Paolo Knill

Crossing Boundaries

A celebration in writing of Paolo Knill, a pioneer in forging the path for the field of expressive arts therapy. Here his colleagues offer their own explorations as inspired by Knill’s work—including Herbert Eberhart, Margo Fuchs Knill, Juergen Kriz, Ellen Levine, Stephen K. Levine, Elizabeth McKim, Shaun McNiff, Hans-Helmut Decker-Voigt and Wolfgang Schirmacher among others.

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