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Suzanne Northcott and Rishma Dunlop

Copper Moon

Poetry by Rishma Dunlop
Artwork by Suzanne Northcott

The poem “Copper Moon” by Rishma Dunlop was written in response to the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard in 1998. The poem is informed by media readings of the event and excerpts from testimonies at the trial of his murderers, as well as by personal and public responses to the crime. Suzanne Northcott�s painting “Copper Moon” is a response to and artistic dialogue with Dunlop�s poem of the same title. The painting was exhibited as part of The Body of My Garden, a collaborative exhibition and poetry reading with Rishma Dunlop that opened at the Linda Lando Fine Art Gallery, Vancouver, Oct. 24 � Nov. 2, 2002. Additional paintings from the exhibition responded to Dunlop�s collection of poems The Body of My Garden, Mansfield Press, Toronto, 2002, Northcott and Dunlop continue to work across the genres of literary text and visual art in aesthetic inquiry and collaborative artistic production.

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